Oryataş A.Ş, which is one of Orya Holding A.Ş. subsidiaries, has realized many infrastructure and industrial facility projects such as highways, railroads, airports, cement plants and various pipelines since 1967 and actively contributed to highly valuable investments for our country.

Oryataş A.Ş. with its experience of more than half a century, focuses on projects contributing value to life, such as hotels, residences and offices for contemporary, comfortable, high quality living areas suitable for our people, by using solely its own resources in accordance with today’s and tomorrow’s requirements.



To act with good will and understanding in our business and social relations, comply with laws and ethical rules, respect humans and be beneficial to society is our general philosophy.

Our main purpose is to add value and respond with quality and stability to expectations with our projects. It is our mission to be on the side of our customers also after the sale.

We are sensitive in employing qualified work force and support their development. As such, we are able to maintain and improve our superior service understanding for more than half a century.

We give importance to every constructive participation from each level of our staff and interdepartmental information sharing. Our managers always take part in technical studies which will improve quality but they also support innovative and rational ideas.

We provide that this responsibility awareness is established in each level of ORYATAŞ, which was founded in 1953 with the purpose of constructing projects aimed to improve the welfare level of Turkey and strengthen its economy.

Our basic principles to provide customer satisfaction

• To develop projects and services which exceed customer’s expectations.

• To increase human relations with our customers.

• To be always on the side of our customers.

• To be proud with our work and share this justified pride with our customers.



As Oryataş and as a requirement of our respect to natural life, we have been working to reduce environmental impacts of our activities, continuously increase our environmental performance and to expand environmental awareness with the purpose of protection and preservation of our environment according to the laws.

1.During the construction of our projects, we will try to reduce our environmental impacts as much as possible.

2.We will try to use reusable or recyclable materials and reduce the consumption amounts of natural resources.

3.We will provide that our environmental performance will continuously increase by defining new purposes and objectives for our each new project.

4.We will conform with legal requirements in order to reduce environmental pollution resulting from our activities.

5.We will inform our personnel, guests, suppliers and subcontractors regarding our environmental approach and our activities for reduction of negative impacts to the environment and provide for their participation.

6.We will try to increase the efficiency and reduce the energy consumption of our projects.

7.We will try to reduce the amount of waste and provide for its reuse and recycling.


Ümran UOE Steel Pipe Mill Construction

Kumseka Municipalities’ Association Water Supply Project

Çiğli Pump Station - Treatment Plant Inter Pressure Line Steel Pipe Construction

S.S.Marmara Uyumkent Building Society Water Supply Transmission Line

Ekrem Yavuz Elementary School Construction

Gümüşyaka Water Supply Project

Elazığ Water Supply Project 1.Stage Transmission Lines Construction

Kınalı Sakarya Highway Steel Pipe Deplacement Works

Afsin-Elbistan Thermic Power Plant Cooling Water Transmission Line Construction

Küçük Çamlıca-Salacak Water Supply Project

Kağıthane-Münzevi Water Supply Project

Bakırköy Water Supply Project

TPAO Batman Oil Field Pipeline Project

Ümran Spiral Welded Pipe Plant Construction

Göltaş Cement Plant Construction

Gaziantep Cement Plant Construction

Antalya Airport Construction

Diyarbakır Airport Construction

Edirne-Pehlivanköy Railroad Construction

Ankara-Mamak Railroad Construction

İslahiye-Suriye Railroad Construction

Kayseri Sugar Factory Construction

Erzincan Sugar Factory Construction

Erzurum Sugar Factory Construction

Bursa-Gemlik Water Supply Project

Group Companies

Ümran Steel Pipe

Ümran is a well known and well established line pipe manufacturer that serves its customers globally. It is specialized in project supply that demands the highest commitment in terms of quality, experience, logistics, financial strength and know-how.

Umran has a very wide product range in steel line pipe production:

• Longitudinal submerged arc welded steel line pipes.

• Spiral submerged arc welded steel line pipes.

• High frequency welded steel line pipes.

Through years of experience, and focus for bringing value to its customers, Umran has outgrown the typical supplier role of a pipe manufacturer, but is more acting as a project partner.



Ümran Transportation

Our company which is included in Ümran Group of Companies has been serving in domestic and international transportation sectors since 1967 and holds an important position in the sector with its well trained expert staff.

Our company, with its domestic and international cargo transportation potential, provides for contribution to the economy of our country by specially integrating railroad and sea transportation into its services. Domestically, it participated in Turkey wide projects such as Melen, Botas, Iski and Igdas; and internationally, it provided transportation and loading services to countries like Algeria, Egypt, U.A.E. and Tunis. Also, we have railroad transportations to Croatia-Serbia and combined highway-railroad transportation services to Iran-Iraq.

Ümran Transportation and Trade Inc., which is a member of UND (International Transporters’ Association) and IMMIB (İstanbul Ore and Metal Exporters’ Association) holds C-2 and R-2 Authorization Certificates from Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Road Transportation.



Orya Energy

Orya Energy is an energy company, which was established in 2004 within the structure of Orya Holding A.Ş.

According to 4628 no. law and DSI Water Use Right Regulation, energy companies construct and operate structures such as dams, regulators, transmission systems, loading ponds, penstocks, hydroelectric power plants and high voltage energy transmission lines. Construction and operation period is in total 49 years.

Based on this law, Orya Energy has been awarded Cide Hydroelectric Power Plant Project, which is one of the projects put out to tender by DSI. When the power plant is completed, it will manufacture 69.500.000 kWh energy per year and provide for 1 year electricity requirement of a 140.000 population residential unit.



Head Office

Meclisi Mebusan Cd. No.19/6, Orya Han Salıpazarı, 34427, Beyoğlu-İstanbul

Telephone: +90 212 252 52 80

Fax: +90 212 245 11 32


Ankara Office

Teras Evleri, No.13/3, Yukarı Ayrancı, 06540, Ankara

Telephone: +90 312 442 16 22

Fax: +90 312 442 16 25